What is CAIB

CAIB is a method to investigate tumor inflammasome signaling status. In general, we first constructed five inflammasome-signaling-related gene sets including 141 genes, which was used to investigate inflammasome signaling status across 33 tumor types with 9881 cases from TCGA. Subsequently, we classified tumors into six clusters by consensus clustering, defined as Cluster 1: ICLowIL1BLow, Cluster 2: ICLowIL1BHigh, Cluster 3: ICMidCASP1High, Cluster 4: ICMidIL18High, Cluster 5: ICHighIL18Low, and Cluster 6: ICHighIL18High based on inflammasome signaling status. Clinical data, multi-omic data (mutation, SCNA, methylation, RNA, and protein), and ICB clinical trial data were integrated to depict the distinct genomic and biological features across clusters. Furthermore, clusters with high inflammasome signaling may recruit more macrophages to enhanced immunosuppressive status, conferring ICB therapy resistance which could be reverted by inflammasome inhibitor. Based on this, we developed this CAIB website, an interactive web-based resource that makes use of transcriptomic data (RNA-seq or microarray) to conduct tumor classification according inflammasome signaling and provide reasonable therapeutic options.